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Coppolino Shampoo

Ultra-delicate shampoo, enriched with cotton and oat extracts, specifically for the health of children’s hair. Moisturises and protects the scalp and strengthens the hair structure. The disentangling, softening textures helps to keep children’s hair soft, naturally combatting knots and tangles. The Tea Tree essential oil also helps prevent lice.  


Coppolino Hair Mask

Hydrating, nourishing hair mask formulated for children’s hair, with cotton and oat extracts for a delightfully fragrant softening action. Non-oily formula that leaves even the most rebellious, curly hair smooth, glossy, soft as silk and manageable. Rinse off product.


Coppolino Hair Milk

Extra-gentle hair milk, formulated with cotton and oat extracts, that nourishes and strengthens children’s delicate hair. Disentangles instantly and strengthens fine, fragile hair, protecting it from humidity and aggressive external agents. An excellent soothing milk for the scalp, with a toning, restorative action. Apply the milk to damp clean hair, comb and dry without rinsing. Softens and strengthens hair from the first application. Spray a little on dry hair to tidy it up with the brush before going to school.


Coppolino Body Wash

Ultra-delicate body wash suitable for children of all ages, enriched with cotton and oat extracts. Protects the skin from aggressive external agents and maintains the right level of moisturising, with a soft touch and a delicate fragrance. The plant-based cleansing agents and oily components guarantee balanced cleansing and aid skin cell renewal.


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For all kids and moms, Coppolino products are created for the hygiene and well-being of the most delicate scalps and hair. All the formulas are based on Cotton and Oat extracts, that are excellent protective, emollient and soothing agents.
Coppolino is the charity project by Aldo Coppola dedicated to taking care of disadvantaged kids worldwide.

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