L’Henné Soothing

750 gr



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With Leni complex

Marsh-mallow and Lime, Barley and Soy, Alfalfa: Soothing Henna is a mix of colorless herbs. Besides being an excellent sebum-balancing agent, it can be used as an effective treating shine and body enhancer. In the coloring treatments it dilutes and tones down the red reflex. It is a precious alley to create golden blondes.
Shatush L'Henné colouring blends are enriched by the content of Leni Complex, an exclusive herb blend that improves the restructuring action. The complex is composed of ALTHAEA OFFICINALIS which deeply nourishes and gives softness to the hair fiber, and ARNICA MONTANA, which improves the absorption of the active benefits contained in henna.

The professional advice of the stylist is recommended for the personalized mixing of L'Henné coloring powders.

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