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Blondage High Bright Pre-Treatment

250 ml

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Blondage High Bright Shampoo

300 ml

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Hair Mineral Relax Plus

Box 12 fiale x 10ml

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Aldo Coppola Luxury Box Set XL

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Redken Blondage High Bright pre-treatment and shampoo give immediate results thanks to the technology formulated with a vitamin C-based illuminating complex and chelating agents that refreshing the hair color with cool tones. Following the application of Aldo Coppola’s Best Seller HAIR MINERAL RELAX Vials, hair damaged by repeated coloring is repaired and hydrated, supple and full-bodied again.

METHOD OF USE: Pour the contents of one vial into a bowl, add twice as much water and mix. Apply strand by strand to washed, damp hair, leave on for a few minutes and rinse.


Complimentary Aldo Coppola box set

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