GHD curve thin wand

Previewing the big new addition to the ghd curve® line, the all-new ghd curve thin curling wand.

Featuring a unique 14 mm thin shaft, ghd thin wand creates defined, even curls that last up to 24 hours without extreme heat.

Using the optimum temperature of 185°C and a rapid 3-second heat-up time, the new ghd curve thin wand curling iron achieves tight curls in 3 seconds, with minimal effort and less damage.

Styling will never be faster, with defined, long-lasting curls.


“The ghd thin wand is great for any length and type of curl, even super short hair. The constant temperature creates healthy-looking, bouncy curls. This is my new tool for creating unique curls that turn heads.”Charlotte Mensah, Global Brand Ambassador.

“This is the product I have been waiting for from ghd. It’s so nice to have a thin shaft that maintains a consistent temperature that I can safely use on my curly clients! This new tool is perfect for enhancing that natural, effortless texture on my curly clients to create amazing curls on straight or already wavy hair.”Patrick Wilson, Creative Artist ghd.

“At ghd, we create the best styling tools to meet the needs of professionals and consumers. Professional hairstylists have repeatedly requested ghd thin wand-and so we listened and developed the new ghd thin wand, a high-performance, reliable tool that creates defined, long-lasting curls without extreme heat.”Jeroen Temmerman, CEO ghd .

The entire ghd curve® line has a wide range of styling tools for all hair types and lengths.