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Metal Detox Beauty Kit for fine or medium hair


L'Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Professional Pre-Shampoo Treatment

250 ml

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Serie Expert Metal Detox Shampoo


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Serie Expert Metal Detox Oil

50 ml

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The Metal Detox Beauty Kit for fine or medium hair is dedicated to providing 360-degree daily hair protection, resulting in instantly smoother, softer, and nourished hair. Metal within the hair fiber increases the risk of breakage and negatively impacts color following coloring and bleaching services.

The benefits include:
– Extra detangling power
– Provides strength, body, and softness to the fiber
– Better movement hold after styling and drying

The Kit includes:

Metal Detox Pre-Shampoo Treatment – Fills micro-breakages and strengthens the hair, preventing excessive water absorption. Instantly detangles and leaves hair hydrated for up to 72 hours.

Metal Detox Shampoo – Enhances hair color longevity and works to free your hair from excess copper while gently cleansing. With its rich lather, the shampoo works to support hair brightness. Enriched with an energizing citrus fragrance for luminous hair with a pleasant fresh scent.

Metal Detox Oil – Leave-in oil-textured treatment, it is the perfect finishing touch to complete the beauty routine with an immediate cosmetic result.


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