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Shatush Hairloss System Bundle with Lotion in Single Dose Vials


Shatush Hairloss System Shampoo

250 ml

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Shatush Hairloss System Milk

200 ml

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Shatush Hairloss System Fiale

Box 10 fiale x 6ml

In stock

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With organic orange leaf extract

Complete anti-fall treatment: Shampoo ensures deep cleansing of the skin and makes it receptive to the action of the lotion.
Milk regenerates and conditions with natural filming action without the use of silicones. It nourishes and prepares for drying with protective and volumizing action. It gives immediate combability and enhances its regenerating action over time. It is applied after shampooing on towel-dried hair and does not require rinsing. Contains no parabens.
The lotion contained in the Vials has a multifunctional fortifying action that awakens the vitality of the hair bulb. Antioxidant anti-free radical activity counteracts hair weakness and prevents premature aging. Exclusive phytocosmetic formulation with moderate alcohol content. Apply with energizing scalp massage, without rinsing.


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