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Shatush Hair Care

Shatush Hair Care products take care of the hair with targeted solutions and precious pampering qualities. Each treatment is the result of careful research that combines efficiency and practical application with pure beauty rituals. In the world of Shatush, the qualities of each product are unique, the fragrance is exclusive, and the texture is creamy and soft as silk. It is a universe to explore because it leads to discover the pleasure of well-being.

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The Shatush anti hair-loss line performs with multi-functional formulas and specific actions. It is a synergy of effects that targets different aspects of the metabolism of the scalp associated with the life of the hair follicle. A philosophy that promotes a healthy scalp is the winning approach for cosmetic research aimed at the well-being and vitality of the hair, because only healthy and strong hair are beautiful.

Dermo Care

Shatush Dermo Care is a specific treatment for delicate, reddened or sensitized scalp. Dermo care products contain a biotechnological complex of active principles with soothing and antioxidant action, specifically formulated for sensitized or reddened skin: Witch Hazel water with decongestant properties, destressing and soothing Cabbage Rose water, hydrating Gluconolactone, Sunflower oil and Vitamin F with a plus of nourishment and activation of the natural defences.

Hair Like Silk

Deep Nourishment, silk effect, Soft shiny hair is every woman’s desire. A wish that today can be easily fulfilled with unique beauty hair products: drawing inspiration from skin care cosmetics, Shatush employs the most advanced ingredients and technologies in order to adapt the natural viscosity of vegetable oils to the hair. Hair like Silk products are versatile and easy to use, they are suitable on every hair type to detangle, discipline and give shine with no added weight. The result is a very special “silk effect“, designed to give nourishment to dry damaged hair and add elasticity and moisture to curly hair with anti-frizz effect and with a special protection from external agents and heat.

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The beauty and protection treatment that defends hair from the harmful effects of sun and wind. Prolonged exposure to the sun subjects hair to a lot of stress and seriously compromises its balance and beauty. Shatush Sun Care is dedicated to protect the hair during those delicate times when they are exposed to the sun. With special filters against UVA and UVB rays, Sun Care treatments provide the highest level of protection against the free radicals stimulated by sun exposure. The protective and regenerating action is essential to preserve the silkiness of the hair.

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Cool Blond

Really cool blond hair is no easy feat. Once the perfect result has been achieved – bright and cool to the right degree – blond hair needs special care. Whether it’s light hair that has been slightly bleached using the shatush technique, or a more evident and all-over color. Shatush Cool Blond enhances the beauty of blond hair maintaining it healthy and preserving the perfect balance in the lightest and most delicate nuances, with the delicacy of its infinite shades and its original brilliance.

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L'Henné Shatush

Henna offers an unmistakable color result with natural, unique and exclusive highlights. Its cosmetic properties make it one of the most complete products that gives beauty and fullness to the hair.
In henna aesthetics and treatment coexist in total harmony. Henna usage allows to obtain bright reflections, with a result of a rich and deep color that illuminates the face. At the same time, its cosmetic properties improve the health of the hair. Without artificial effects of total coverage, henna can give both intense and bright or more delicate reflections, always maintaining a very natural appearance and giving the hair an unusual fullness.

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Shatush for Befancyfit

The collaboration between Shatush and Befancyfit has led to the creation of a new line of products ideal for daily use and perfect after sporting activities. Lifestyle and wellness come together in cosmetic products inspired by natural active ingredients, dedicated to protecting, nourishing and rejuvenating the body and hair.

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Style Complex

A new range of creative styling products with innovative formulas. The styling effect is given by natural resinous active principles that leave the hair easy to shape without weighing it down, with e clean, soft and dry feel. Each product is unique in its kind, innovative in terms of texture and final result. The style achieved in the salon is easy to repeat at home, the perfumes are delicate and pleasant. The natural filming action prevents heat damage, smog and damage caused by contact with water. Shatush Style complex, much more than a finishing touch.

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